Every project starts with evaluating the pieces we have to work with – their shape, color, texture, history, current context, importance, benefits, cost.  This evaluation will play a critical role in determining the best approach to both the design and production of a project.
In a collaborative work process, we let the imagination explore the best potential arrangement and fit for the pieces of our project in its intended environment.
When the pieces coalesce into a design that best fits the goals of the project, our energies focus not just on refining the design but also on the most efficient and effective way of communicating and presenting the design to those responsible for getting the project built.
Our minds remain open to new input and changing circumstances. The design solution is refined throughout the design process by better information, updated ideas, and continual input by the design team.
Every project has its own pace and rhythm. Until your project reaches a point when you say “Done”, Tangram’s commitment is to remain engaged and to work with you at every step of the process..